Tuesday, May 8, 2012

stardustgifts said: Hello, Cacophony! :D I think my question might have gotten lost in the Tumblr fiasco last week, so I hope you don't mind me asking again. :) And feel free to ignore this - I just love tiny details in fics, and I really enjoy the way Liv is so protective of Kurt and Bas' relationship. At the 4th of July party, what is your headcanon for Liv's thought process when Kurt slipped away and she found him crying in the bathroom and then went to get Sebastian?

Yes! It totally did because I remember reading it and then it was gone before I answered :)

Okay, so my thoughts on Liv at the 4th of July are this.  I think she, by this point, is really warming up to the idea of Kurt being her brother’s boyfriend. She thinks he is lovely, and also a good match for Seb because he never backs down and doesn’t seem to let any of Sebastian’s attitude get to him etc.  So when she sees that they are fighting, that Kurt seems less okay than normal and to her eyes at least it looks like a fight between the two, she worries. 

If it ever came down to a serious choice, especially this early on, she would always obviously side with Sebastian because he is her brother - but this isn’t one of those times, and she isn’t blind to Sebastian’s faults. So what she sees is that maybe Seb, being just his typical self, has stepped too far and doesn’t know how to backtrack (again just to emphasize this is Liv’s perspective based on limited info) and she is worried that that stubbornness is going to lose her baby brother the best thing to ever happen to him.

So she watches them all day, waits for the moment that Kurt snarks back or Seb kind of apologizes through insults or something that puts them back on the even keel she’s seen of them before. But it doesn’t happen and Kurt looks lost, and Seb keeps looking at Kurt and watching him with angry eyes when Kurt looks back but with worried ones when Kurt isn’t paying attention.  And when Kurt slips off Liv is one of the only ones to notice in the hubbub of post-dinner, pre-firework activity. 

She follows Kurt, I think, intent to maybe weasel out of him or demand from him what is going on, but when she finds him it is obvious from his voice that he’s been crying. And who’s heart could withstand a crying Kurt? So she goes to find Seb because she wants him to fix it, and in the ‘Liv’ way this means giving her brother a figurative smack upside the head (maybe a literal one too) and a threat that he better make things right or else.  And this isn’t even because she thinks Seb is entirely in the wrong (she knows she doesn’t know all of what’s going on, or what the ‘fight’ was about) but because she can’t smack Kurt and tell him to fix it, but somebody needs to fix it because she is sailing the good ship Kurtbastian and doesn’t intend to let it sink anytime soon. 

I hope this answers, and thank you for resending!!


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