Thursday, April 12, 2012

bookworm221b said: You know what would be neat? Anderson Bros vs Smythe Bros in a who can better get Kurt off contest. But no winner can be declared. There is conflict as to whether age/experience is better than youth & if lack of life exp cost them the clear win, so round two is older bros in a team vs younger bros in who can get Kurt off better. Only winner that can be determined is Kurt, who is all to willing to allow them all the tries they want.

Holy shit, this is perfect.  I think I may just have to write this, so much porny goodness to be had.  No promises on when, as my next priority is to get the ACITW chapter out, but I am definitely keeping this in mind :)  In the meantime if you wrote something I’d love to read it too!


  1. theonelucille said: oh dear god please yes. If you write it I’ll love you forever! (not even kidding)
  2. andidividethem said: oh dear god please yes. you have to they’re all so handsome and good.
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