Saturday, February 25, 2012

Movie Night

NC-17, 2,500+ words

Based on sebklainers’ plot bunny prompt. Blaine likes picking horror movies for movie night, and Kurt and Sebastian find a good way to distract themselves. 

“Hurry up Kurt, I’m starting the movie!”

“Yeah, babe, and grab me another beer while you’re in there!”

Kurt rolled his eyes at his boyfriends’ impatient shouts, removing the popcorn bag from the microwave and upending it into a bowl before grabbing a beer out of the fridge and moving with it all back out of the kitchen.

It was Friday night, which in their apartment meant staying in to cuddle and watch movies, and most weeks it was a tradition that Kurt was quite fond of. 

However for the past few months every third week had become a nightmare once Blaine got onto a horror movie kick and seemed bound and determined to pick out the bloodiest, scariest, most stomach turning cinema catastrophes ever known to man, and then make Kurt and Sebastian suffer through it while he squealed in childish delight.  Tonight was sure to be more of the same, as Blaine had come home from the video store proudly toting a copy of Saw XI.

In the living room Kurt found his boys already settled in, Blaine bouncing impatiently on one end of the couch, while Sebastian sprawled out in the middle with a sock-covered foot propped up on the coffee table. He passed the popcorn into Blaine’s grabby hands before handing off the beer and moving around the table to sink down on the couch on Sebastian’s other side, snuggling in when Sebastian let his arm fall down around Kurt’s shoulders to bring him in closer.

Blaine pressed play and sat back already wide-eyed, staring raptly at the screen, as the ominous music began to fill the apartment.  Sebastian rolled fond eyes at the boy before taking a long pull from his beer.  Kurt ignored the screen in favor of watching Sebastian’s neck move as he swallowed, adam’s apple bobbing enticingly. 

Sebastian caught the stare and grinned down at Kurt smugly. “Like what you see?” he asked.

“Eh,” Kurt responded, offhand and bored sounding as he averted his eyes, “Anything’s better than watching this mindless violence.”

Blaine shushed them both loudly, causing Sebastian to laugh at him and ruffle his hair.

“Sorry Blainers, wouldn’t want you to miss out on any of this Oscar-worthy dialogue.”

Blaine slapped his hand away and shushed him again not bothering with another response. He was used to the teasing about his movie choices.

They watched the unfolding drama on screen relatively quietly for the next thirty minutes or so, cuddled in together with the only sounds Blaine’s popcorn munching. 

Sebastian was just tilting the bottle to drain the last of his beer (a sight that pulled Kurt’s eyes again) when the bloodfest started in earnest.

On-screen a buxom co-ed lost an arm, pulling a delighted squeal from Blaine and making Kurt shudder.  He pressed his face into Sebastian’s shoulder and tried to focus on the smell and feel of the other boy and ignore the screams and squelching from the tv.  Sebastian laughed but let him nuzzle in.

Kurt inhaled deeply, loving the end-of-the-day smell of his boyfriend; the faded lingering cologne, the clean smell of sweat and skin, all mingling and settling in a way that was warmer and more intimate than in the morning when everything was freshly washed and sharp.  He breathed in again, letting the tip of his nose run up the side of Sebastian’s neck to rub right against the hinge of his jaw. 

Sebastian’s deep chuckle at Kurt’s movements turned into a groan when Kurt let his tongue dart out to lap at the skin he had been smelling a moment before, reveling in the way it dragged roughly over the barely-there end of the day stubble starting to come in.  The arm around Kurt’s shoulder tightened almost imperceptibly when he did it again, this time bringing his lips into play as well to suck gently, not hard enough to leave a mark, just enough suction to tease.

“Babe,” Sebastian whispered, turning his head and dislodging Kurt’s mouth from his neck, “What’re you doing?”

“Distracting myself,” Kurt murmured, “I hate these movies, so I’m finding something better to do than watch.”

Sebastian’s eyes darkened and flicked down to where Kurt’s mouth was still shining wetly, gaze appraising.  When he dragged them back up to Kurt’s eyes he was smirking again.

“Want some help with that?” he asked, “I’ve been told I can be very distracting.”

Kurt just grinned back and moved in for a kiss.

The first meeting of lips was a soft brush, but the tenderness didn’t last for long as Kurt pressed in harder, mouth open and demanding.  He let his tongue push insistently against Sebastian’s mouth, chasing the malty taste of beer, and ignored Sebastian’s quiet laughter at his eagerness when the other boy parted his lips in compliance.  Their tongues met, stroking against each other with practiced ease, and drawing more quiet sounds of desire from the both of them.

When the wet smacking of lips and tongues moving together grew louder, Blaine glanced over indignantly and shushed them again.  “Guys, you’re missing the best part,” he whined, “If you don’t watch you aren’t going to know who’s dead already and I’m not rewinding it.”

Sebastian waved him off, a low growl of approval rumbling through him when Kurt’s mouth moved back to his neck, sucking and nipping over well-mapped pleasure points.  “S’okay, we’ll catch up.”

Blaine didn’t look so sure, but his attention was drawn back to the screen by another spray of arterial blood.

The scream from the starlet who had just been cut in half sent another shudder through Kurt, and suddenly lazy making out was no longer enough of a distraction after all.  He decided it was time to step up the game, and swung a leg over Sebastian to settle fully in his lap, facing away from the horror on screen.

“Well hello there,” Sebastian purred at him, tilting his head back to meet Kurt’s eyes before his own slid shut as Kurt carded fingers through his hair, tugging lightly just like he knew Sebastian liked.

“Hello yourself,” Kurt purred, leaning in for another kiss.

They stayed fused like that through the next three scenes of the movie, pressed chest to chest and mouths working hungrily together.  Sebastian’s hands stroked firmly along the muscles of Kurt’s back while the other boy shifted deliciously in his lap.  He let his hands wander farther south to cup Kurt’s ass and pull their hips in closer together and Kurt whimpered when the firmer contact made their cocks grind together just right.  He could feel every inch of Sebastian’s hot length pressing against him, separated from his own groin by only the thin layers of their pajama pants.

“Guys,” Blaine whispered furiously, “You aren’t paying any attention!”

“Paying plenty of attention actually,” Kurt managed to grit out between whimpers as every little shift of his body made Sebastian press and slide against him, “Just not to the movie.”

Sebastian hummed his agreement against Kurt’s collarbone, where he was pressing sloppy kisses, tugging at the material of the top to try and get at more skin.  Blaine hmphed at them but didn’t press the argument when another bloody death regained his attention.

Kurt was pressing more insistently against Sebastian now, his hips working in little aborted circles against the boy beneath him and dragging tiny sounds of pleasure from them both.  His hands were possessive and firm along the back of Sebastian’s neck, while Sebastian’s own hands roamed freely, one still kneading Kurt’s ass while the other worked its way up under the hem of his shirt to rest hot and heavy against his lower back. When the first hand shift to slip beneath the waistband of his sleep pants and press hot directly against Kurt’s skin, Kurt couldn’t help the mewl of pure need that escaped his lips.

Kurt was a firm believer in turnabout as fair play, and quickly had one of his own hands snaking between them to wiggle its way into the front of Sebastian’s sweats. When his fingers curled around the long, heated length of Sebastian’s erection they both groaned in tandem, loud enough to have Blaine pushing at them and trying to get them to pay attention again.

“Guys, this isn’t what movie night is about,” he whined, face indignant as his boyfriends continued to ignore him. “I don’t do this when it’s your turn to pick the movie.”

“Maybe you should B, at least when Kurt is picking,” Sebastian gasped out, arching his back along the back of the couch and trying to get more leverage to push his hips up into Kurt’s palm.  “It would certainly make Friday night more interesting if you did.”

Kurt paused in his movement, drawing an unhappy whine from the boy beneath him when his hand stopped stroking. 

“What do you mean ‘when it’s Kurt’s turn’?” he asked, “I have excellent taste in cinema.”

Sebastian squeezed at Kurt’s backside more urgently, and bucked up trying to force Kurt’s hand to start jerking him again.  “Sure babe, in cinema.  But it’s supposed to be movie night, not foreign-boring-ass-film night.”

“I thought you liked foreign films!”  Kurt said, pulling back further. Sebastian let out a frustrated huff at the distance, and when he responded his own voice was closer to a whine.  “I do baby, I do, I promise. Just put your hand back on my dick now please.”

Kurt hummed contemplatively, but when Sebastian’s fingers shifted over his ass to start stroking and pressing down and along his crack his hips stuttered forward of their own accord and he reached back between them to start working over Sebastian’s cock again.

“You guys are so rude,” Blaine sulked, but at least they were being quieter again now that they were both distracted, so he didn’t press the point and turned instead to keep watching his movie.

As the body count grew on screen, Kurt continued to pump Sebastian’s erection through a fist now slightly slicked with pre-come.  When the friction was still too much, pulling a non-pleasure fueled whimper from Sebastian’s mouth, Kurt pulled his hand back to lick wet and dirty across his own palm and fingers before returning to the task (literally) at hand.  Sebastian’s hand along his back was holding him in close and warm, his other one ghosting long fingers around and across Kurt’s hole, pressing just slightly every now and then, just enough to tease.

Kurt thought for a moment about trying to take this into the bedroom, giving him the chance to strip them both down and get at the lube and condoms so they could do this whole thing properly, but there was something about grinding on the couch like horny teenagers that was appealing in its own right.  That, and he was pretty sure Blaine would actually be pissed if they abandoned him and made him watch the axe murderer commit atrocities alone. 

Still, he wanted a bit more friction and stimulation than he was getting at the moment, and when Sebastian tore his mouth away and leaned to the side – distracted momentarily by a particularly bloodcurdling scream on screen – Kurt took the chance to move his other arm between them into the additional space and pull the front of his own pants down, hooking the waistband under his balls so that his erection was freed.  It jutted between them, bobbing against Kurt’s own stomach and leaving a sticky trail of pre-come against the porcelain flesh.  Kurt licked over his hand again and then gripped around both of their erections.

That got Sebastian’s attention fast, and he groaned loudly at the feel of their dicks held tight together as Kurt fisted them quickly.  He looked down and let out another low growl of pleasure at the sight, fucking his hips up to add to the stimulation as their cocks slid against one another as well.  Kurt let out an answering moan, tipping his head forward to rest on Sebastian’s shoulder as he worked them more urgently.

“This is the best part!”  Blaine shouted out, as the final two victims on screen were backed into a corner, holding poor excuses for weapons as the psychopath advanced.

Sebastian hummed his agreement, reveling in the wet pant of Kurt’s breath against the side of his neck and feeling the familiar coiling heat in his balls. Kurt was moaning low and desperate now, and Sebastian pressed one finger more insistently against his hole making the sound ratchet up in intensity.

Blaine looked over at the noise, face a mixture of annoyance, disbelief, and a hint of interest.  If they hadn’t been together so long he probably would have joined in long ago, but they’d had a lot of sex in the past few years so some of the novelty had worn off and this was movie night.

“You’re going to miss the climax,” he pouted.

Sebastian would have laughed, made some quip about his own impending climax being rather hard to miss, but at that moment Kurt twisted his wrist just right, catching under the head of Sebastian’s cock, while simultaneously biting at the juncture of Sebastian’s neck and shoulder, pulling his orgasm from him.  He shouted out as he came, stars going off behind his eyes, and he could hear Kurt’s answering cry as he too spilled out over his fist and across Sebastian’s stomach.

Kurt kept pumping his hand over them, gentler now as he worked them both through the aftershocks.  Eventually Sebastian twitched back beneath him, oversensitive, and Kurt pulled his hand away.  He brought his hand up to his mouth to lick lazily at some of the stripes of come smeared there, turning to Blaine as he did so because Blaine was a particular fan of that kind of show.  However, Blaine was still ignoring them, apparently giving them up as a lost cause, as he was still focused in on the screen where the end of the movie was playing out.

Kurt rolled his eyes and turned back to the boy beneath him, who was smiling at him sated and lazy as his head lolled back against the couch.  Kurt leaned in to kiss Sebastian once more, letting his tongue stroke into the other boy’s mouth, sharing the taste of their mingled come. Sebastian’s grip on his hips tightened, before he pulled back with a groan.

“As hot as that is, you gotta give me a minute before round two,” he panted, shifting a bit at the feeling of come drying tacky between them, “And unless you plan on cleaning up the rest of that with your tongue too I’m going to need a wet cloth or something as well.”

Kurt huffed fondly but complied, shifting to the side and off of Sebastian’s lap so the other boy could stand up and move to the bathroom to clean off.  His own stomach and dick were relatively clean, as most of the mess had landed on Sebastian, so he just pulled his waistband smoothly back over his sensitive cock and settled back on the couch, scooting over to cuddle nearer to Blaine as the credits started rolling on screen.

“You two are awful, you know that right?” Blaine grumped, but his tone was still affectionate. 

Kurt hummed an acknowledgement, feeling warm and sleepy in the afterglow of his orgasm.  He settled his head against Blaine’s thigh and hummed again more happily when Blaine ran gentle fingers through his hair, massaging lightly at his scalp. 

“But you love us,” he murmured sleepily.

Blaine laughed, looking adoringly down at the boy in his lap and then back up to meet Sebastian’s eyes as the other boy returned to the living room.  “That I do.”

Sebastian lifted Kurt’s feet from the other end of the couch and slid in under them before dropping them back in his lap and running a hand idly along one instep.  His other hand reached out to pet absently at the nape of Blaine’s neck.  “Tell you what, B,” he said, grinning at both his boys, “To make it up to you, you can chose the movie again next week.”

“As long as it’s as good as this one, he can choose every week,” Kurt added, voice wicked and wearing a sly smile.

“So I can try and watch it while you two make out again? No thanks,” Blaine said.  He leaned back against Sebastian’s hand and his own smile tipped into a naughty grin as he turned and said, “Besides, next week is Kurt’s turn to pick, and I think Sebastian and I are going to find we have a new appreciation for subtitles.”


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